Wedding photography FAQ

Whether you're envisioning a Lake Tahoe destination wedding or if you call this area your home, we've gathered a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions about wedding photography. Our intention is to offer you insights that will guide you through your wedding planning process with confidence and clarity.

we are not comfortable in front of the camera but we really like CAndid photos. Can you help us?

Absolutely! This is what we do! We believe that wedding photography should feel natural, elegant, romantic and effortless. Candid photos have a lot of these qualities and that 's why so many people love them! To achieve this look we will guide you, prompt you and direct you; we'll make you feel comfortable and at ease. We promise you'll have a blast, and at the end of it all, you'll have those candid moments in photographs to enjoy them for the rest of your lives!


We are based in Reno, Nevada, but most of the weddings that we cover are in Lake Tahoe. Although we call Reno home, we're always eager to venture beyond the Reno-Tahoe area to capture weddings in other destinations. Some of our cherished favorites include Truckee, Minden, Graeagle, Nevada City, Placerville, Napa Valley, Sacramento and the Bay Area. However, we're also open to more adventurous locations like Hawaii, or the enchanting allure of Mexico. Our passion for creating captivating memories knows no bounds, and we're excited to explore new horizons to make your wedding unforgettable.

WHo is behind amber Shore Pictures?

We are Kris and Ruta Swanson - a dedicated husband and wife duo committed to the art of storytelling. For us, family and relationships hold immense value, and weddings epitomize the ultimate celebration of these connections. This is why weddings occupy a profoundly special place in our hearts, and we feel truly honored to be entrusted with the task. To us, the essence of a wedding extends beyond the event itself; it embodies the culmination of love, commitment, and shared joy. It's this profound sentiment that fuels our dedication to curate imagery that touches hearts.

Our collaborative approach is integral to our philosophy. We believe that every wedding is a unique narrative, and through open communication and shared visions, we endeavor to beautifully preserve every precious detail. This ensures that couples not only experience the joy of their special day but also have the privilege to relive these cherished moments.

If you'd like to know more about Amber Shore Pictures, please CLICK HERE.

how would you describe your style?

Our style can best be described as a fusion of timeless elegance, romance and nostalgic charm. In curating your wedding gallery our aim is to seamlessly weave together elements that stand the test of time: the elegance of timeless portraits, the grace of well-posed compositions, a modest allure and playful humor. The end result is a visual symphony that make your wedding memories feel distinctly and intimately yours.

Do you edit all of our pictures?

I can assure you that every single image in your wedding gallery is carefully selected and hand-edited to achieve the best color and mood.

what are the benefits of having a second photographer?

Here are some of the benefits when you opt for a second photographer:

1. Expanded Coverage: The second shooter brings an additional perspective to your event, allowing us to simultaneously capture different angles, reactions, and candid moments. This ensures that no significant moment goes unnoticed.

2. Multiple Angles: With a second shooter, we can capture the ceremony, reception, and various events from multiple angles. This adds to the storytelling aspect, creating a more engaging final product.

3. Detail Shots: While the primary photographer focuses on capturing the central elements, the second shooter often concentrates on detail shots. These shots encompass décor, close-ups of intricate details, and candid shots of guests, all of which contribute to a comprehensive representation of your wedding

4. Relaxed Moments: The second shooter can capture candid moments that occur in parallel with main events. This includes interactions between guests, behind-the-scenes moments, and candid reactions that might not be visible to the primary photographer.

5. Reduced Rush: With a second shooter, there's less need to rush between different locations or events. This means capturing moments more thoroughly and with greater attention to detail.

6. Backup and Support: Beyond expanding coverage, the second shooter acts as a backup, ensuring that no critical moment is missed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Having a second shooter allows us to deliver a richer and more immersive wedding coverage. The collaboration between the primary photographer and the second shooter guarantees that your final gallery reflects the essence of your special day from every angle, telling a complete story that you can cherish for years to come.

How do you work together?

Our philosophy revolves around encapsulating the essence of love, joy, and the intricate bonds that define relationships. Our collaborative approach is the cornerstone of this philosophy, where we operate in seamless tandem, complementing each other's strengths and seamlessly stepping in as needed. Together, we gather the essential ingredients that compose a love story truly unique to each couple. With open lines of communication and shared visions, we engage closely in making a timeline. Through meticulous planning, we position ourselves to capture the moments that define the day. This ensures that our couples are fully immersed in the experience, savoring every moment of their special day without even realizing that every detail is being artistically captured.

Should we hire a wedding planner??

Deciding whether to hire a wedding planner is a personal choice, however, an experienced wedding planner can provide valuable advice, alleviate stress, and ensure a seamless execution of your special day. They bring experience, industry connections, and a keen eye for detail. If you're looking to fully enjoy the wedding planning process and have a flawless wedding day, a skilled wedding planner can be an invaluable asset. CLICK HERE for our trusted planners in the Reno-Tahoe Area.

Do you offer wedding videography services?

Yes, we do! Our wedding films are known for their romantic, unique, and timeless qualities that capture the essence of your special day. Our couples are raving about the films years after their wedding day, as they beautifully preserve the memories and emotions of their celebration. Let us create a film that reflects your love story and stands the test of time. To see our wedding videography FAQ CLICK HERE. We also offer hybrid coverage. More about hybrid wedding coverage CLICK HERE.

Do you travel for weddings?

While most of our wedding clients choose to tie the knot in the stunning Lake Tahoe, we are thrilled to offer our services throughout Reno -Tahoe area and Northern California. We have shot weddings in Graeagle, Truckee, Nevada City, Sacramento, San Louis Obispo, and many other places. If you have another destination in mind - we are all ears! We are dedicated to capturing the beauty and magic of your special day, wherever it may be, and bringing your vision to life.

How many hours of coverage should we have?

The time you will need to capture your wedding day varies widely, but as a general rule, 8 hours is a standard time required to capture a full story. To discover the exact time needed we will need to hop on a call or zoom and dive into details.

How many pictures will we have in our wedding gallery?

You will have somewhere around 600 - 800 images. We feel this is the optimal amount to tell your story from the beginning to the end.

When will we get our photos?

Your wedding gallery will be ready in 6 weeks after your wedding day, but you will get the preview in just a couple days so you can announce it to the world.

How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer?

Wedding photographer should be booked around 6 to 12 months prior your wedding day. This timeframe allows you to find photographer who's work you like and are still available for your wedding day. However, keep in mind that popular photographers can be in high demand, especially during peak wedding seasons and on sought-after dates. If you have a specific photographer in mind, you might want to start your search even earlier, especially if your wedding date falls within a popular wedding season. We only book 20 weddings a year, so dates go pretty fast!

If you're planning a destination wedding, it's advisable to secure your photography services even earlier, as we may need to make travel arrangements.

Ultimately, the timing depends on your preferences, the availability of the photographer, and the overall planning timeline for your wedding. Starting your search and booking process sooner rather than later will give you more options and help you avoid disappointment if your preferred professionals get booked by other couples.

Do you offer wedding albums?

We believe that every couple should have a wedding album. This is lifetime purchase - a family heirloom! Although we do not include wedding albums to our collections, we strongly suggest adding an album to your package. Our wedding albums are thoughtfully designed to narrate your unique love story through a carefully curated collection of images. Each album is a tangible keepsake, a treasure you can hold in your hands and share with loved ones. We believe that your wedding memories deserve to be showcased in a stunning and timeless format. Interested? To find more information about wedding albums CLICK HERE.

Where do I start?

To start, we invite you to fill out the inquiry form. Once we receive your inquiry, we'll swiftly check our availability for your chosen date. If the stars align and we're available, the next step is to set up a chat. We believe that personal connection is key, not just for your wedding day but also for the entire experience leading up to it. During our conversation, we'll delve into the intricacies of your wedding day, your vision, and your unique story. This is the perfect opportunity to explore how our philosophies align and how we can bring your vision to life.

Your wedding day is a milestone you'll cherish forever, and we want to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in your choice. This initial conversation allows us to understand your expectations and tailor our services to meet them. From there, we can discuss package options, answer any questions you might have, and explore the possibilities of capturing your love story in its most authentic and captivating form.

Not sure where to start?

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