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Welcome to Amber Shore Pictures where wedding photography and videography intertwines to create a symphony of memories that'll be appreciated for a lifetime. We offer an immersive visual journey that captures the essence of your day whether it's taking place in Reno, Lake Tahoe or the Bay Area. From heartfelt vows to jubilant dances, we are dedicated to curating an experience that echoes with your family values and your unique story. Explore our range of coverage options, from wedding photography to comprehensive photography and videography packages to hybrid photo + video. Join us on a visual adventure that transforms moments into artfully crafted films, beautifully bound albums and lifelong memories.

Our Philosophy

Family, love, and the bonds shared between people are at the heart of every wedding celebration. Capturing these moments allows us to do our part in preserving this special day for a lifetime. Our passion lies in capturing not just the stunning landscapes of Lake Tahoe and the intricate details of your table settings, but most importantly, the raw emotions and cherished moments that truly make your wedding day one-of-a-kind. From laughter shared between newlyweds to the tears of joy from family and friends, to photographs and wedding films allow couples to relive their special day time and time again. They serve as a reminder of the love, family, and bonds that were celebrated on the wedding day, making them an essential part of any wedding celebration. We believe that family is the greatest treasure, and time spent with loved ones is the most precious gift of all.

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Let's start with Hello!

We believe in building genuine connections with our clients. This connection is a key ingredient that makes everything work smoothly and avoids any awkward moments. When you're at ease, we become more like your wedding companions, ready to capture what unfolds. This connection is our secret sauce that empowers us to capture authentic moments and create truly stunning photos!

Once you've filled out this form, here's what you can expect from us:

  1. We'll respond within hours, not days (unless it's a weekend, then we'll get back to you on Monday).
  2. We'll arrange a meeting in person, over video, or on the phone – whatever works for you.
  3. Get ready for a personalized and honest experience. Our pricing will be tailored to your specific needs!
  4. To secure your special day, we'll ask for a 20% deposit. This ensures that we'll be there to capture your beautiful moments, and you can check "photographer or videographer" off your wedding to-do list.


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