Meet the Swansons

Hello and thank you for a visit. My name is Ruta, not Rita, nor Amber. I think I may be the only Ruta in Reno! I came to South Lake Tahoe on a summertime adventure, and, I guess, 17 years later, the adventure never came to an end. I am from Lithuania, and that’s why I talk in a funny way sometimes. Amber Shore Pictures was established right after my daughter was born, so it's really easy to keep track. She is 11 now. Since then I have married Kris, -the best man in the whole universe, and we've been living a dream ever since. Almost 5 years to be exact. I gave him my heart, and in return, he gave me his heart and his name. His name was a very important part of the deal, since my Lithuanian name was really hard to pronounce. So, Kris took my hand and my heart, and agreed to eat everything that I cook for him, including intricacies of Lithuanian cuisine.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Cinematographer
Ruta Swanson Photographer

Let’s start over. Hello! We are Kris & Ruta Swanson, a husband and wife team of professional photographers / videographers. We love the art of visual storytelling and worked on many, very different projects together, but our main focus here is your wedding, your family, your legacy. What could be more important than preserving the very essence of your life changing moments? The answer is - living in the moment, enjoying all the moments, and knowing that those moments will be covered. We are there documenting your day while you're enjoying your wedding, so you can relive them later, so you can remember moments that otherwise would have slipped through the memory lane like sand slips in your hand. We're there to document the big moments, but most importantly, we pay incredible attention to subtle details, subtle, fragile, moments that are so close to our hearts. We're here to guide you, place you in the best light, but also, we're here to remind you why you are there. You're here to celebrate and take this whole day in it's fullest.

We take pride in creating timeless, cinematic imagery with a classic vibe and a modern undertone. We absolutely love a good cup of coffee, and we hope you can join us for one sometime soon. But in essence, we are storytellers and we’d love to have the honors to tell yours.

The Swansons

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