I'm Ruta. I think I might be the only Ruta in Reno. Odd name you may think. Well, it may be different here but it's quite common in Lithuania , the land of raw beauty, stormy Baltic Sea and winters that last over 9 months of the year. And why did I leave? Well, for the sense of adventure, freedom, and, of course, the American Dream. I feel blessed to have a loving husband and a gaggle of kids (13,9 and 7), create beautiful imagery of nature that surrounds us, make portraits and family films for people to enjoy over generations. To me life is art and expression through images is my passion.


First off, I believe in families.

I believe that being a wedding photographer and videographer requires more skill than having a nice camera. I am passionate about my craft and I study it continuously to leave my clients with the best images and films. These are carefully crafted pieces of art, that will be out there for families to enjoy over generations. I take this responsibility very seriously.

I believe that every couple and every family is unique. I want to meet you and get to know you before your wedding or a photo session so I can create the most engaging, true, and heartfelt memories. I want you to feel comfortable in front of my camera - relax, and be yourselves. 

I believe that true emotion always wins. 

But most of all I  believe in love and love stories and I would love to capture yours.

Love, Ruta

P.S. This year I have joined a photographers community. Not just any community, the best in the world - Fearless Photographers! I am quite proud to be accepted to play with the cool kids!