Many engaged couples often find themselves at a crossroads, wanting both photo and video coverage for their wedding day. Wedding photography seems to be a non- negotiable for many families, and despite the enthusiasm for having both photography and videography teams, budget restraints can mean that you have to make a choice between prioritizing photography or videography. In this situation wedding photography wins 9 times out of 10. In hindsight, many couples wish they could have had a wedding highlight film. This made us sad thinking that we could have done more for our clients!

This experience has influenced us to extend the videography option to our forthcoming clients. We've curated a couple hybrid wedding photography/videography packages that include a wedding highlight video. We craft this film by using short video clips captured throughout the day that are dynamic, and set to music. This approach affords you the dual benefits of both photo and video coverage without the need to hire 2 separate teams of professionals.

Here we will dive into most frequent questions and unravel the mystery behind this creative endeavor.

Where are you located?

We are based in Reno, Nevada and serve Reno - Lake Tahoe area. We've shot weddings in Incline Village, South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, Truckee, Graeagle, Nevada City, Sacramento, and the Bay area. However, we can be talked in to capturing your wedding in any worldwide destination! Kris and I love to travel and experiencing different cultures, so we are always for a lookout for adventure. Say hello and let's see where it takes us!

Do you subcontract a videographer for hybrid coverage?

No, we do not subcontract videographers. We do hire help, depending on how extensive you want your coverage to be, but we (Kris and Ruta) will always be your primary shooters, editors, and story curators. We will make sure that your wedding pictures and films are delivered in a timely manner which is 4-6 weeks and we are your only point of contact.

What is hybrid wedding coverage?

You might be familiar with the concept of 'hybrid wedding coverage,' but what exactly does it mean? Hybrid coverage involves securing a wedding photographer capable of simultaneously providing both photography and videography services. Now, you might wonder, how does this seamless combination work? Most modern photo cameras have a video option integrated, so it is surprisingly straightforward. These cameras seamlessly transition between photo and video modes with a simple flick of a switch, enabling me to capture both photos and video clips.


To put it simply, no, but let me give you the full picture. With wedding hybrid coverage the main focus is wedding photography, however, we will be filming short video clips throughout the entire wedding day also. These clips are then artfully edited together with some music to produce a concise 3-4 minute wedding video. However, it's important to note that we won't be able to include elements like vows and speeches.

If having those personal touches in your video is a priority, I'd recommend considering a comprehensive photography and videography package. With this option, our skilled team makes sure your full ceremony and wedding speeches are captured, creating a more extensive video that will convey a truly comprehensive visual story.

Will we be able to choose music for our wedding film?

It's a bit of a mix, so let me break it down. When it comes to using well-known songs and commercial music, there are copyright concerns. Licenses for well-known songs (like your first dance track) can be pretty pricey, but if you must have it, let's talk and we can arrange to purchase a use license for it!

To keep things manageable and cost effective, we work with a couple music licensing companies, which covers every genre under the sun. With our subscription you can pick songs that resonate with you, so if you're keen on selecting your own tunes, you're covered! On the other hand, we can match the music's style, genre, and vibe to the atmosphere of your day by making the soundtrack selections for you.


This is a common worry that many people have when it comes to hybrid coverage, and it's something we've really focused on refining. Throughout the day, we can swiftly switch between photo and video settings without any hassle. When it comes to important moments like the first kiss, in hybrid coverage we always prioritize photos and then switch to video. You may have to make your first kiss a tad longer! Most hybrid weddings go without any issues, but we must admit, despite all our efforts, there's still a chance of this happening due to the limited number of hands on deck. To make sure this possibility is minimized, having more team members onboard would be the key. If you want to capture everything from your wedding day, consider a comprehensive photography and videography package.

What's the timeline for receiving both the edited photos and the video

The timeline for receiving both the edited photos and the video depends on the complexity of the project and the workload at the time. Typically, we aim to provide a first look or preview of a few selected photos and a short video clip within a few days after the event. This allows you to get a glimpse to your celebration and a chance to announce the union on social media.

The full delivery of the edited photos and the complete video usually takes a bit longer, approximately 4 to 6 weeks. This timeframe allows us to carefully curate and edit the best shots and footage, ensuring that the final results meet our high standards and capture the essence of your love story. We understand how eager you are to relive those beautiful moments, and we do our best to ensure the wait is worth it! We'll keep you informed about the progress throughout the editing process, so you're always in the loop.

do you include drone footage for hybrid weddings?

Yes! We do use a drone for hybrid weddings! Anything to elevate your wedding film!

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