Reno Team HEadshots

for busy professionals

In today's digital age, first impressions often begin with a simple Google search. When potential clients or partners research your company, they're not just looking for products or services – they're seeking trust and professionalism. That's where consistent team headshots play a pivotal role.

A unified collection of headshots across your company communicates a clear message: you are a team of dedicated professionals who take their work seriously. These headshots not only put faces to the names but also reflect the cohesive identity and culture of your organization.

It's important to note that just because your employees may have their own headshots doesn't mean your company should leave it at that. Investing in professionally taken, uniform headshots ensures that everyone is presented in the best possible light and reflect your company's values. To read more about differences between corporate and LinkedIn headshots CLICK HERE.

In a world where authenticity and credibility matter more than ever, having consistent headshots across your company's digital presence can instill confidence in those seeking to do business with you. Our goal is to showcase your company as a friendly and dependable team of experts, ready to provide top-notch services! If you are wondering what to wear for this session, please CLICK HERE to get some ideas flowing.

Our Services

On location Studio Setup

We bring our studio to you

All we need is 10x10 sq ft space

$800 first 5 employees

$80 each additional one

On location image selection

Studio Setup

You come to our studio, located downtown Reno

can be scheduled any time between 8am to 5pm

$120 per person with 5 people minimum

On location image selection

Nature background

Session on agreed location

On location lighting

$1000 first 5 employees

$100 each additional employee

On location image selection

Background selections

We have a wide variety of backgrounds. Most popular include:

  • Pure white
  • Medium gray
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Pink

Digital backdrops are also available!