Corporate HEadshots ≠ Linkedin headshots

At first one may think that a headshot is a headshot, whether it is for a company they work for, Linkedin or other professional social media platform, but it is not. These can be very different, so let me explain and help you wrap your head around it.

Corporate headshots are typically taken with the goal of presenting a unified and professional image of the company. It is the company that is the boss and dictating the image they want to portray, not you. You become a mirror of the company you work for. These headshots are often used on company websites, marketing materials, and other business-related platforms. In this context, the focus is on projecting the company's brand image and values, rather than highlighting individual personalities. This may align with your style or it might not, but usually you don't have a say in it. The company has specific requirements, and you have to follow them.

On the other hand, personal LinkedIn headshots are more focused on the individual and their personal brand. While it's still important to present a professional image, there is more room for creativity and self-expression. These headshots can help to showcase the individual's personality, interests, and professional style, which may not necessarily align with the company's brand image. Often times LinkedIn social profile pictures are taken in an outside location of personal interest, are quite a bit more relaxed, and sometimes even quirky!

Ultimately, it's important to understand the purpose and context of each type of headshot and to choose a style and approach that aligns with those goals. While corporate headshots may prioritize presenting a consistent brand image, personal LinkedIn headshots can provide an opportunity for individuals to showcase their unique personality and professional style.