Nicole and Brennan's Spring Wedding at West Shore Cafe & Inn

Planning a wedding in Lake Tahoe, can sometimes be difficult, especially if it is a spring wedding. As everyone knows, the weather in the Sierras is very unpredictable and we can have 4 seasons in one day a few times over, especially in spring. Well, Nicole and Brennan’s wedding had exactly that. 

The day started with bridal preparations in a modern, rustic bridal suite at West Shore Cafe & Inn overlooking tranquil Lake Tahoe, covered by magnificent clouds. Sprinkles of rain gave the chilly mountain air some extra freshness; and the sun’s rays were peaking out, as if it was checking on the bride for a few minutes at a time. 

The ceremony was planned to be set in a forest area facing the lake, and that’s what it was, despite a sudden snow storm. As the guests were taking their seats for the ceremony, slushy, heavy snowflakes were falling; and it seemed that there was no end to it.

What do we do if there is only plan A and no plan B? -We continue with plan A! 

Jackie performed a short, yet very heartfelt ceremony as the guests huddled together with shared umbrellas. Then, as every good party, it ended with cocktails, excellent food, good music and lots of fun. This is the day everyone will remember fondly, including us. Love stories like this warms our hearts and feeds our souls. We love what we do.

It doesn't really matter if it rains, snows or hails on your big day. You'll shine from within, and that's all that matters. We want to capture this light of love so you can remember this special day for many years to come.

This is Nicole and Brennan's wedding social media announcement.