South LAKE TAHOE Engagement Photo Session

Springtime in Lake Tahoe can be unpredictable, but as wedding photographers, we thrive on embracing the unexpected. We planned to start the session in the foresty area in South Lake Tahoe. When we arrived to the location, dark clouds loomed overhead, and a light drizzle gradually turned into a heavy downpour. Yet, we knew that this adventurous couple was ready to face any weather challenge and create beautiful memories amidst the enchanting backdrop of Lake Tahoe.

Shortly after 5 pm, just as the rain stopped, Andrea, Carlos, and their adorable puppy Cali arrived. It was as if the rain had received a cue from a hidden conductor, promptly halting its downpour. The cloudy skies didn't dampen our spirits; instead, they added a touch of drama to the natural beauty that surrounded us.

Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer
Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

As photographers, we believe in capturing genuine emotions and helping our clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. We don't rely on rigid poses; instead, we provide gentle guidance and creative ideas to evoke a sense of romance while showcasing the breathtaking nature that Lake Tahoe has to offer. Even Cali, their furry companion, joined in the fun, following our cues as we wandered through this picturesque location.

Our adventure didn't end there. We whisked Andrea and Carlos away to Logan Shoals Vista Point, leaving Cali to enjoy a puppy nap in the back of the car. As we ventured further, the views became even more awe-inspiring, perfectly aligning with our couple's love for nature and exploration. Surrounded by the grand views of Lake Tahoe, we continued to capture their unique love story.

To add an extra touch of magic, we brought out our trusty drone and captured stunning aerial shots of Andrea and Carlos against the backdrop of the sprawling lake and the mountains. The drone allowed us to showcase the vastness of their love and the grandeur of their chosen wedding destination.

South Lake Tahoe engagement photographer drone photos

As we concluded our adventure-filled engagement session, we couldn't help but feel excitement for Andrea and Carlos' upcoming winter wedding. With the same enthusiasm and zest for life they brought to this engagement shoot, we are confident that their wedding day will be filled with joy, beauty, and unforgettable moments.

South Lake Tahoe Engagement Drone Photos
Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer

At our core, we are not just photographers capturing moments; we are storytellers, weaving together love, nature, and adventure. Lake Tahoe, with its ever-changing weather and breathtaking scenery, provides the perfect canvas for us to create lasting memories. We are grateful for couples like Andrea and Carlos, who trust us to document their journey, and we eagerly await the opportunity to capture their love story as it unfolds.

Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer

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