wedding vows


The experience of writing your own wedding vows is so meaningful and rewarding. It makes you stop for a moment, reflect on your relationship and the person you’re about to marry. It is a beautiful gesture, which is very special not only for your soon-to-be spouse, but also for your wedding guests. Your vows have a huge impact on your wedding film as well, but it may be harder to put your feelings into words than you initially thought. You may find yourself sitting with a pen and paper in hand, not knowing where to even begin! Your heart is full of love, gratitude and excitement but how do you express it? And how do you make it sound genuine, romantic, and meaningful?

To help you with this important task we came up with some questions for you to ponder upon, so you can start to seeing the structure behind it and put your thoughts and feelings into words.

  1. Reflect on relationship. What qualities did you see in your partner when you first met them. What made you want to see them again? Start with "When I first met you, ..."
  2. As you got to know them a little more, what other qualities did you see?
  3. How does your fiancé make you feel special?
  4. What has changed about you since you two have been together?
  5. At what point did you know you wanted to get married?
  6. What are your hopes for this relationship and vision for the future?
  7. What are your promises to your spouse? Don't get carried away with this one! 3-5 will be enough, and you can add one light hearted or funny one.
  8. And even thought this last one sounds like a no brainer - don't forget to say "I love you"!

If you are wondering how long your vows should be, we'd say 300 to 500 words is a nice range. This will be around 3 - 4 minutes in speaking length, which is not too short and not too long either. You should communicate this with your partner and agree on a word count so that your vows match in terms of length. 

If you are still feeling tongue tied, there is still hope! Hire a professional who can help you put your feelings into words and express your love like it feels to you.