1- You won't be hot

And that's a guarantee! Now, the brides may not be as concerned, but the groom will sure be happy about it. Plus, there is one less decision to make. The reception will most definitely be inside. You may pull off a quick outside ceremony but I am absolutely sure that the family formals are going to be straight to the point. Which is nice, because family formals can get carried away and when that happens, it's not that much fun for anyone, especially for the newlyweds. I'd much rather get a picture with your second cousin and great aunt's brother with a cocktail in their hand and a sincere smile anyways. If you are considering hiring us, you may feel the same.

2- YOur guests don't have much planned

No family vacations to go to nor weddings to attend (except for yours, of course) , since most of them happen in the summer months. This will be the highlight of your guest's winter! And winter travel by air can be fun too, especially when there's storms and crazy turbulence. This always makes great stories for your guests to share and break the ice with small talk. Plus, the venues in Tahoe won't look all that different because most of them are surrounded by pine trees that stay green all year long. If you are lucky, it may snow on your wedding day, and that's very special, because the snowfall has reduced drastically over the last few years.

3- There is nothing more magical than a snowy landscape on a wedding day

Welcome to the winter wonderland! In these conditions, your wedding photos will most certainly look like a fairy tale!

4- Tahoe beaches are practically empty

Lake Tahoe is a very popular destination in the summer months. All towns around the lake are buzzing with locals and tourists alike. And when it comes time for newlywed sunset photos at the beach, there's only a sliver of a beach that we can use. There are people soaking up the sun and kids splashing in the water. And there's not much that we can do about this. We get a different story in the wintertime though. Lake Tahoe slows down quite a bit. And if you're planning for beach photos- that's quite a lot! It's a special time of the year when the fee toll booths are closed and everyone is welcome to enjoy the beach. FREE!

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