by Ruta Swanson



My goal isn’t to have everyone smiling and looking at the camera – my goal is to create engaging, connected images that will tug on your heart strings for years to come. I’ll direct you throughout the session by guiding you into flattering lighting and positions, while still capturing your genuine selves. You’ll talk amongst yourselves, and interact as you normally would. You’ll be able to relax and do what you do best – be yourself.

We are so fortunate to live in this beautiful area, and we are incredibly happy to capture the beginning of your life together. 

Reno & Lake Tahoe Contemporary Wedding Photographer
Winter Wedding, Donner Lake, Tahoe Wedding Photographer
Heavenly Tahoe Wedding Photographer and Videographer
Photojournalistic Tahoe Wedding Photographer at Landing
The Landing South Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer
Lake Tahoe Candid Storytelling Wedding Photographer
Luxurious Tahoe Wedding Films Cinematographer Team Reno
Lake Tahoe West Shore Cafe Wedding Videographer

People say - “Time flies when you’re having fun”. It’s true. You are anticipating the day, dreaming and wondering how it’s going to be, but have you thought about how will you remember it?

Often times we get tangled up in the details and forget why we are really here. We are here NOT for the cake, flower arrangements or the DJ. We are here to celebrate life, love and relationships. Your story should be told, in a beautiful, unique way, -just like the love you share.

I am in the background. You probably won’t even notice, but while you are having fun, laughing and dancing, you are creating the memories that will last a lifetime. You will have moments you didn’t know happened. As a photographer I catch those fleeting moments, so you can hold on to these memories and re-live them in the future. Now all you have to do is be your genuine selves and enjoy the moment as you take the first steps into your future together.