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Why You Should Elope Now

and have an epic Party Later

With everything going on in the world right now, it may be some time before we can safely gather our friends and family for a wedding in the way we’ve always done. But is it worth it to put your life on hold? Is not having a huge party makes your marriage less legitimate? Will it make it fail? Will your love for one another change if you can't have 100+ guests at your wedding? The answer in an obvious no! There will be many compromises you'll make in your married life and this may be the first one.

If you are tired of wondering if you will be allowed to have a wedding of your dreams this year and putting your life on hold because of Covid - consider opting for a micro wedding or elopement. You can always revisit the celebration at a later date and make the invitations for “We Do, Take Two” party when it is safe for everyone, including our more fragile, older family members. And!!! You can wear your wedding garments twice!!!

People may look at weddings in a different light now, there is a trend for smaller, more intimate wedding celebrations. You will have fun on your wedding day regardless, so don't put your life on hold - elope or do a micro wedding.

Pricing & Packages

Micro Weddings

5-6 hour coverage for a moderate party up to 40 people. This package includes preparations, bridal portraits, groom portraits, ceremony, family formals and creative newlywed session.

Add documentary style ceremony film + $500


Elopement package

3-4 hour coverage documenting your day. This includes bride and groom preparations, bridal portraits, groomal portraits, ceremony and creative newlywed session.

Add documentary style ceremony film + $500


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