Portrait Inquiry


Planning your photo session is fun! I spend about 30 minutes with you planning out your session to ensure we get exactly what you want. We will go over your vision for the photos, pick locations, discuss outfit choices and set a time for it. Once it's all set, we wait until the set time comes and then have lots of fun. I will capture big smiles, and shy tiny ones. I will place you in the best light and guide you through the process. But don't worry, we'll get candid shots too. 

I strongly believe that the pictures are meant to be printed. We get a different feeling viewing a print than a tiny screen in our hands. If you think about it, it lasts longer too. We have pictures from decades ago. Of course, some are a little browned, maybe with a few scratches, but they are still here. Now, if I gave you a floppy disk with my pictures on it from the 90's, how would you get them out of there? How often do you really dig though your files from years ago? 

That is why I schedule an ordering session. At this time you will choose the finest printed artwork that works for you and your home. 

Now let's take some great pictures!

Classic Family Portraiture With a Modern Twist Reno