Can you do both, wedding photography and wedding videography for our wedding?

Yes, we can and we prefer working this way.

Do you offer drone footage?

Yes, we do! Kris is an FAA certified drone pilot and he loves to fly!

Can we get RAW footage?

Yes, for an additional fee you can, but we do not encourage it, since you will need professional tools to do anything with it. We film with 4K cameras in high bit rates and most of the computers today won’t even play the files unless you bring it in to a video editing program. RAW footage looks flat, and it doesn’t have much contrast or saturation. It needs professional color correction/ grading. On the other hand, 10 years from now it may be a piece of cake for any computer. We just want you to be informed..

Can we pick our own songs?

Yes, you can! We will send you to our royalty free music libraries, and you can make selections from there.

We only want our ceremony recorded, can you do that?

Yes, we can! We have a ceremony only/ elopement package, where we film up to 3 hours and deliver you either full, documentary style ceremony edit or 3-4 minute highlight edit. Want to know more? Contact us!