We don’t know where we want our engagement pictures taken. Do you have any suggestions?

Yes! Always! Please drop me a line here so we can start a conversation.

How many locations are included in the session?

We may go with one or choose a few locations for your engagement photos. We discuss that in person and develop a plan to get the images you envision. Do you need help developing your vision? We can do that too! Once we make a plan, we can go from there. Inquire for your consultation here.

What should we wear?

You should definitely put in some thought into clothing choices for your engagement session, since it will greatly impact the images we will get. If you want pictures that look genuine and not staged, your outfits should be coordinated but not too matching. Outfits that are too matchy matchy look staged and the shots will seem unnatural. Your clothes should look dressier than an ordinary day outfit, but keep in mind the season and location you choose. Also, choose clothes that fit you well and make you feel good. Need more tips? Drop us a line here.

Is hair and make-up included?

No, hair and make up is not included, but it is highly encouraged. It is a great time to put your make-up artist to the test before your wedding. You can use a hair and makeup artist that you know, or I can arrange one for an additional charge.

Can we change outfits during our session?

Of course! We’ll need to plan ahead and find a good spot where you can change, but then change as your heart desires, there’s no limit.

How long will our session take?

It usually takes about an hour, hour and a half.

What’s included?

I include an initial consultation, location scouting, developing a vision, my time and talent on the day, hour and a half on location, professional image processing, online gallery with 50+ images, rights to print and digital download of full resolution files.

How soon will we get our pictures?

It takes up to 2 weeks to process your images.

Can we order prints through you?

Yes you can and we encourage you to. We use best professional labs in the country! You will have the gallery of pictures to download, share and order prints if you choose to.