Hello, my name is Ruta, not Rita, nor Amber. I am from Lithuania, and that’s why I talk in a funny way sometimes. I beg your pardon. I came to South Lake Tahoe on a summertime adventure when I was 21, and I guess the adventure never came to an end. I’m still here in the States, although I moved to Sparks. Since then I have married Kris, -the best man in the whole universe. I took his heart and his name. His name was a very important part since my Lithuanian last name was super hard to pronounce. He didn’t mind either, since he took my hand and agreed to eat everything that I cook for him, including intricacies of Lithuanian cuisine.

Let’s start over. Hello! We are Kris & Ruta Swanson, a husband and wife team of professional videographers. We are parents to 3 kids and share our passion for the art of photography and film making. We like adventures and travel, we geek out on cameras, lenses, drones and various industry gadgets. We absolutely love a good cup of coffee, and we hope you can join us for one sometime soon. We are down to earth kinda people with 3 kids, a cat and a dog in the house, but in essence, we are storytellers and we’d love to have the honors to tell yours.

A film can capture the true essence of your wedding day like nothing else can. The excitement, the tears of happiness, the laughter, all the feelings of the day are all recorded and handcrafted into a thoughtful and heartfelt wedding film for you to enjoy and share over generations.


First off, we believe in families.

We believe that being a wedding photographer and videographer requires more skill than having a nice camera. We are passionate about my craft and I study it continuously to leave my clients with the best images and films. These are carefully crafted pieces of art, that will be out there for families to enjoy over generations. We take this responsibility very seriously.

We believe that every couple and every family is unique. We want to meet you and get to know you before your wedding or a photo session so I can create the most engaging, true, and heartfelt memories. We want you to feel comfortable in front of our cameras - relax, and be yourselves.

We believe that true emotion always wins.

But most of all we believe in love and love stories and we would love to capture yours.

Love, Ruta & Kris