Best Reno Wedding venues

It may be a little challenging to pick a perfect venue for your wedding day, so here are our favorite wedding venues in Reno. They all offer exceptional service and have beautiful, modern settings while being unique in their own way. While your guests are being served and enjoy the company of a good party, you'll make some unforgettable memories regardless of which one of these venues you to choose.

The Elm Estate

You just cannot go wrong with contemporary, elegant looks this venue offers. Situated just outside downtown Reno, it's a perfect venue with modern, minimalist aesthetic, that will give you a perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. It feels timeless, sophisticated and luxurious . From each light fixture to flower bed, The Elm Estate's space is dedicated to serve their clients and wow your guests with warm hospitality, elegant design and modern furnishings. Through careful wedding planning process this venue will make your celebration intimate, extravagant and unforgettable experience.

Nevada Museum of Art

If you would like to impress your guests with a truly unique setting for your wedding celebration, Nevada Museum of Art is the way to go. Just imagine a rooftop ceremony with panoramic views fo Reno! The rooftop Penthouse and Sky Room offer a unique balance between an indoor and outdoor setting. Step outside for fresh air and dance the night away!


If nothing less than perfect will do,

Rancharrah wedding is the right choice for you!

When it comes to planning and bringing your fairytale wedding to life, every little detail counts. From gorgeous estate views to elegant interior design soaked in luxury to the in house catering team - you are in good hands. The venue exudes modern elegance and Style. Their in-house catering team will serve and delight up to 300 guests making it a perfect venue for large celebrations.


Located in the heart of Midtown Reno, Calafuria is a lovely space that is best suited for intimate weddings up to 50 guests. Some of this location’s main features are elegant interiors, a fireplace, and a quaint secret garden with plenty of cute corners to mingle, relax and feast on delicious Italian cuisine inspired by Tuscan tradition.


If you are looking for a wedding venue that has picturesque mountain views and is not too far from Reno, you will like the Tannenbaum Event Center. This venue offers not only spectacular views and wonderful service, but also a very convenient location as well as ample parking space. That paired with the elegant lodge will make this venue a perfect Nevada backdrop for your wedding.

Winter's Creek Lodge

The views you get from here are simply delightful. Imagine your wedding ceremony on the top of the mountain, overlooking panoramas of Mt. Rose and Washoe Valley making it a spectacular, tree-studded alpine scene. The added benefit to this venue is that it is a great place to escape summer heat and enjoy the temperatures that are a few degrees lower due to altitude.

The Hytch at Sierra Water Gardens

Sierra Water Gardens is a whimsical wedding venue for smaller celebrations. It is a breathtaking space surrounded by huge bamboos and various other plants making it a perfect backdrop for your memories to be captured and cherished over decades and generations. The space has a pond and access to the Truckee River; that all results in good time and beautiful, unique photographs to remember your wedding day by.