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Throughout human history, weddings are one of the most important and life-changing celebrations. We honestly can't think of a more beautiful place to celebrate such a momentous occasion than Lake Tahoe. As you are anticipating your wedding day, dreaming and wondering what it’s going to be like, you should also remember that documenting it is just as important. After all, - the flowers, food and drinks - all will be gone, and all you will be left with is your photos and each other.

Your wedding day is a time to celebrate life, love, and relationships, and that is exactly what we want to document. We know family and friends are important to you. It is not often you have all your favorite people in one place together! Our goal is to capture the genuine moments, the quiet moments, the infectiously loud and fun moments, and everything that's in between. We document your wedding in a beautiful and unique way—just like the love you share. While it’s your job to have fun, laugh, kiss and dance, it’s our job to preserve those memories for you. You will have photographs of things you didn’t know even happened! We catch those fleeting moments, so you can hold onto the memories and re-live them in the future.

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