Family Outfit ideas for fall pictures 2023

Fall is the busiest time for family photographers, especially for the ones that live in an area with changing seasons. Reno and Lake Tahoe are perfect examples in this case. The nature gets rich with yellow and orange hues and it is so beautiful, no wonder everyone is trying to squeeze in a photo session. But there is always this lingering question - what should we wear? I hope some of my suggestions will will help to pull the family style together and make it look like a cover from a magazine, which later you can proudly frame it on your walls.

Black, White and checkered + shades of Gray

If the backdrop is saturated in rich color, consider classic black and white to stand out from the background. 2022 season is popular for checkered pattern as well, so you can easily mix it in. Gray shades will look good in this color scheme too!

Lake Tahoe Family Session in October
Fall Photo Session Outfit Ideas
Fall Family Session in Reno Outfit Ideas

Hop on a trend

This year we have beautiful pastels trending, why not hopping on a trend? These are trending interior paint colors, but that only means that your walls and your pictures will be coordinated. Then you can hang them on your walls. Choose outfit colors from this chart, and I can promise this will make you happy with the final result.


This one is a bit more punchy than the previous one, but it will look equally as good in your family photos. This is an easy combination that will make mom happy!

Browns and dusty pink

It's hard to argue with this combination. It looks great.

Blues, grays and pastel pinks

In color theory, the colors that are on the opposite sides of color wheel are visually pleasing to the eye. The opposite of yellow is blue, and we all have a pair of favorite blue jeans. The key here is not to be too matched up. Yes, it's a thing. It happened in 2000's. We all know the look. It looked cool then, but now it looks a bit outdated. So instead of looking all the same try to mix it up and give each family member a unique flare.

Black, Brown and rust

One thing for sure - black is a classic. Pair it with almost any color, and it will look good. No wonder it's been a favorite for many people over the years! Try a combination of black and various shades of browns, rust and reds. I guarantee it will look great!

Ready to start planning your family session?