• First, talk to your child or children about the photo session that's coming up. Share the excitement and tell your children how fun it will be to create memories as a family. It is likely that they will get curious and excited as well. (You may have to do the same with your husband.)

  • Don't over stimulate your child. Do not bring favorite toys, snacks, or treats. This will distract your child's attention from what matters most - family interactions and replace this with snacks, treats and toys.

  • Make sure your kids are rested and fed. Have a meal before your session, because a promise to take them out for ice cream after the session has very short lived results. And we all know how fast we can get cranky when we're hungry.

  • Do not ask your child to say "cheese" or stay in one place. This will most definitely result in a forced, and stiff photograph. We try to spark organic conversations, explore what interests them and go from there.

  • Let you kids be kids, let them explore and go on adventure with them. Show them things! This is where the fun happens and this is where we create fun, genuine and unique pictures for your family.

  • Use only positive reinforcement, this always works better than bribery or threats.

  • Relax. Your family, like most, is perfectly imperfect. Embrace it.

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