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Wedding Cinematography

Wedding cinematography is where you see the most change over the last decade. With technology improving so rapidly, now we have the tools to make your wedding video look like a well produced film and now you have a chance to have a custom crafted cinematic wedding film, a family legacy. A film where you get to be the main characters! Watching this film, your will laugh and cry ( happy tears, of course) and some day, you will show it to your kids. And your kids will show it to their kids.

Annie & Evan - Chalet View Lodge

Short Wedding Film

This is a slower paced film building an emotional journey throughout your day. Your wedding

day story is told in 10-12 minutes, taking the best and most touching parts of your wedding. It

includes parts of the ceremony and speeches which are presented in a more relaxed pace.

This film is perfect for couples that are not in a rush and want to take time to watch their film.

Yale & Chantel - Sacramento Vizcaya

This is another example of a Short Wedding Film.

Sacramento Vizcaya - Wedding Cinematography

Kara & Ty - Private Estate

Extended Wedding Highlight Film

Amy & Micah - Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding

On a lovely summer day, Amy and Micah got married at a beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel Gardens in Tahoe . This is their extended highlight wedding film .

Olivia & Matthew - Chateau at Incline Village

Extended Wedding Highlight Film

Have the most exiting moments of your wedding last longer with this 6-8 minute Extended Highlight Film. The film is cut to music using cinematic editing techniques and has pieces from your ceremony and select dinner speeches.

Chatéu at Incline Village - Wedding Cinematography

Matthew & Phallina - Mitchell's Mountain Meadows

Wedding Highlight Film

A wedding highlight film is a 3-5 minute piece that highlights the best moments of your wedding day. It is fast moving, dynamic and cut to music using cinematic editing techniques. It may or may not include sound bites from your ceremony and speeches.

Mitchells Mountain Meadows - Wedding Cinematography

Brian & Maha - Twenty Mile House

This is another example of the highlight film.

Twenty Mile House - Wedding Cinematography

Nicole & Brennan - West Shore Cafe

Instagram Wedding Announcement (30, 60)

Share the big news with your friends on social media the very next Monday! This can be cut to be either 30 or 60 second piece. It's short and sweet, and a great way to break the news to all who could not make it. Plus, you'll get a social media reminder about this event year after year.

Matther & Phallina - Mitchell's Mountain Meadows

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Wedding Cinematography

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